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Zakir Virani

Lead Educator & Curriculum Designer |

Growing up, I always felt a close relationship with my physical surroundings which helped define who I am today. Born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto, I always felt the urge to be independent and be surrounded by community and I knew something was not right about having to be driven everywhere just to see my friends. One of those experiences that helped me wake up to the reality of how our surroundings shape who we are and our broader culture was through multiple canoe trips and wilderness camps. I fell into a bond with nature that was everlasting to this day. Since my inquisitive mind wanted answers, I entered an undergraduate program at the School of Urban Planning at the University of Waterloo to see what role cities had in our development. I graduated with a lot of experience in the field, and an amazing insight into the history, politics, passion, and injustices that occurred to bring us to where North American cities are today. I also had the opportunity to live in Vancouver multiple times for work, as well as backpack around Northern and Eastern Europe and Senegal. While I still have a big passion for cities and planning, I also strongly believe in the immense opportunity of building communities, fostering environmental education, and guiding youth on their journey to be lifelong learners and stewards of the earth! I am very happy that Genvironment, their wonderful educators, and staff provide me with the ability to make an impact in redefining our relationships with nature, society, and our cities!