Shania Dias

Educator/Program Assistant |

I am a bud-ding (pun-intended) environmentalist, still learning and growing in this field. I have a BSc. in Zoology from Mumbai University and I am continuing with my studies in Environmental Science in Sudbury.
For 5 years, I focused on the habitat of the fauna and the biodiversity in my country (India). During this time, I witnessed the effects of climate change and global warming first-hand. In 2017, I had the opportunity to go scuba diving and observe some corals and my excitement was through the roof. I saw many colorful and huge corals but could not overlook that our guide was trying to hide the bleached coral colonies from us. That visual of the bleached corals stayed with me and fueled me to practice and advocate sustainable living and focus on practices to preserve our environment.

I have always believed that teaching and sharing can only help you learn more and that my aim for my time with Genvironment. Apart from this, I am a cat mom and a baker who is simply dedicated to her work!