Melina Thiess

Educator / Program Assistant |

I am studying Environmental and Educational Sciences at Leuphana University Lüneburg in Germany at the moment. I am yet to choose my specialization, but I am particularly interested in human-nature relationships and different approaches to sustainability and conservation. A lucky coincidence made it possible for me to stay in Canada for a longer term and intern with Genvironment. Back in 2019 I had the opportunity to work with an NGO dedicated to Environmental Conservation, Education and Restoration in South India. Not only did I get to know magnificent ecosystems and kind hearted, dedicated people, but I also realized how society at-large is not as in touch with nature as they should be – and therefore also mostly unaware about a lot of consequences their actions have on the environment. So far I have already been engaged in various community projects with young people in Germany and am looking forward in getting involved in the projects Genvironment is fostering. If you need to catch me in my free time, you’ll usually find me outdoors: strolling in some park, running, hiking, swimming or enjoying nature in one way or another. Apart from that, I love to attend any kind of musical or
cultural event and get to know new people.