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Marisa Samek

YSC Lead Educator/Program Manager |

Marisa Samek is a creative (designer, writer, musician) trained in UX research from a human-computer-interaction lab (the Synaesthetic Media Lab at Ryerson University) affiliated with MIT and Georgia Tech where she conducted research on collaborative technology. In her most recent project, a collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, she created an interactive performance where the audience had to work together to save the forest. In each of her engagements, Marisa employs an indigenous approach that she learned from her mentor which takes into account the values of reciprocity, positionality, relationality, relevance, and respect.

Marisa currently works in education technology, designing learning environments that are story-based, interactive, and terribly fun.

When she’s not working, Marisa spends most of her time in the park doing Yoga, taking naps, and playing frisbee.