Emily Litvack

Co-Founder & Director of Education | emily@genvironment.ca

My passion is guiding, mentoring and providing opportunities for young, driven leaders to create a more sustainable future. I started Genvironment in response to hearing my own students innovative, thoughtful and inspiring ideas to change the world and their frustration with feeling like they have to wait until they’re adults to do something meaningful. I believe young people have the power to make a difference now. I have worked as an environmental and science educator for the past 14 years at various non-profit organizations, museums and schools, including the Hewitt School for Girls, the American Museum of Natural History and the Central Park Zoo, with young scientists and environmentalists of all ages. I have an Hons. BSc. in Environmental Science from McGill University and an MA in Environmental Conservation Education from New York University, in which I focused on how digital storytelling can empower youth to become leaders in sustainability.

I am also a new mom of two fun-loving, curious and kind little boys. Genvironment is dedicated to them and the hope for a healthier, greener and more equitable future for their generation.