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Chanel Lewis

Educator / Program Assistant |

I am a student at the University of Ottawa with a passion for science and a love for teaching. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Education to become a high school science teacher. I love spending time outdoors and enjoy biking, hiking, and travelling. I also enjoy reading, baking and have an interest in personal fitness. For the past five years, I have worked with several organizations, teaching science to students of all ages, including one volunteer project that allowed me to travel to Fiji! Before attending the University of Ottawa, I completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Although my specialization was life sciences, while completing my degree, I took an elective ecology course. This sparked an interest in this field of science, and I took a few more courses to learn more about the environment and sustainability and what role my actions have. I believe that by making learning enjoyable and relating nature back to real-life experiences, students will be more engaged in the lessons and encouraged to take action to help protect the environment. As a lifelong educator, I hope to inspire future generations of students to develop a passion for the environment and work towards generating real environmental change.