Amanda Saxe

Inclusive Education Officer |

Amanda is an educator/mama/lifelong learner and disability scholar. She has a PhD in Educational Psychology, is passionate about accessibility, and has worked with neurodivergent folks and students with disabilities of all ages in educational and community settings. Amanda is an academic associate at McGill University. Working in Teaching and Learning Services and the Faculty of Engineering, she provides pedagogical support to professors and instructors through consultations, workshops, and other projects.

Amanda has also taught education and psychology courses for many years to college, undergraduate, and graduate students at McGill University and Vanier College. In response to the lack of accessible and inclusive environmental education programming available to youth, Amanda designed and developed the NeighbourWood Program with Emily Litvack in 2018, which was the seed that grew into Genvironment. In addition to exploring the outdoors with her toddler, she enjoys reading, embroidery, photography, and graphic design.