About Us

"Conversations within environmental spaces cannot minimize or ignore the injustices targeting vulnerable communities + natural ecosystems, but rather denote the ways social inequalities influence our perception of environmentalism, regardless of how subtle or obvious. In this way, intersectional environmentalism calls for justice for people + the planet."

- Leah Thomas

Genvironment equips youth to be a part of the sustainability conversation and become change-makers through education, skill-building, mentorship, and training.

Our goals are to level the playing field, to meet youth where they are, and give them the opportunity to explore, connect, investigate their environment and learn the skills needed to become leaders who take action for a sustainable planet.

What makes us unique?

Our programming provides a full learning arc from discovery to exploration to global citizenship and change-making, by planting seeds early on and learning and growing alongside the youth we work with. Sustainability is the vehicle used to engage with critical topics such as environmental and social justice, and is utilized to foster our students’ development of 21st century skills.

We meet youth where they are by offering programming that scaffolds and equips youth with the skills/learning needed to become leaders in the environmental movement. Our team of experienced and dedicated educators trained in inquiry-based learning utilize evidence-based and student-centered instruction.

Genvironment takes a broader view on sustainability as the intersection between climate justice, social justice, and public health & wellness. Youth come away with the message that people and their environment are interdependent – there is no environmental justice without social justice, and we can’t have healthy people without a healthy environment.

We employ an intersectional lens that highlights and embraces the diversity of our students and communities. Our commitment to accessibility is demonstrated through our flexible use of technology, evidence based instructional practices, and student centered pedagogy.

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