Youth Sustainability Council

“If young people are provided the tools and resources, they can lead positive community change.
Young people know how to save the world if only the adults would give them the room to do it.”

- Charles Orgbon

The Youth Sustainability Council (YSC) is a youth-centered digital learning platform. Through its three unique programs, YSC gives youth from ages 13 to 18 across Canada the opportunity to develop leadership skills, create solutions, and take action.

1. Sustainability Seminar: The Sustainability Seminar is a virtual community space where youth discuss sustainability topics that are on their mind and close to their heart. Using the Socratic Method, students engage in vibrant discussions about sustainability topics that cultivate the ability to debate respectfully, actively listen to various perspectives, and think critically.


2. DREAMer Space: This makerspace is where Designers, Revolutionaries, Experimenters & Engineers, Artists & Makers create sustainable solutions. Students use Design Thinking and 21st century learning to create an authentic project which focuses on a sustainability issue that they are passionate about.


3. Uproot Magazine: In this youth-centered sustainability journalism program, students learn communication, writing, research, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills while contributing to Genvironment’s for-youth, by-youth digital publication, Uproot Magazine. This magazine is a platform for youth to raise awareness, educate, and create change on sustainability issues through writing, art, research, and other communication formats. 

Made possible by the generous support from the Mona Elaine Adilman Endowment.