Eco-Footprint Challenge: Land, Sea and Sky

“Nature has given you a sense of individuality. But life does not happen as an individual. Life is happening as one Whole.”

- Sadhguru

A program for youth aged 8 to 12 years where they dive into an investigation of one of 3 major sustainability topics:
LAND (Food), SEA (Water), and SKY (Climate Change). Join a team of other young Eco-Heroes who want to change our footprint on Planet Earth! Dig deep to learn about food justice, dive deep to learn about marine pollution, zoom out to learn about climate change. Then join forces using your own unique powers to make a difference!

Program Goals and Outcomes

Examine and discuss relevant and local information about our foodprints, footprint on the ocean, or carbon footprint

Explore connections between our Eco-footprints and health (self, community, and environmental)

Learn about these topics through activities, games, and service projects

Engage in weekly take home challenges to take on more sustainable actions in our daily lives