Since 2020, Genvironment has partnered with Montreal Community Cares Foundation to offer a variety of programs to over 150 amazing youth in Montreal. These programs include:


1) Sports and Sustainability: designed for youth sports teams to huddle up and work together as a team to take action on a sustainability issue that they are passionate about in their community, country or the world at large. This program is based off of Genvironment’s Eco-Footprint Challenge.


2) High School Huddle: where coaches and educators provide youth with a safe space that focuses on response-ability: building their social-emotional intelligence skills, sense of agency and self-actualization. Through youth-led discussions, this space serves as a launchpad to reflect on topics that are on their mind, both in their lives and extending out into their communities and the world.


3) SEED Certification program: for youth in the Red Rush Basketball Leadership program to explore how various aspects of identity impacts one’s experiences, and how one can positively impact their school and community to create equitable environments

This programming was made possible with generous support and funding from: